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The joy of native hardwoods

17th September 2020

Is there a market for Scottish-grown hardwood other than as biomass and woodfuel? Luke Wilson asks sawmill owner Mark Councill of Logie Timber in the Findhorn valley near Forres.

Students given a chance to experience life on estate

03rd September 2020

Jennifer Jeffrey reports on a day to remember for undergraduates.

The other north-south divide

02nd September 2020

Transmission charging must be reformed to allow northern renewable projects to be built, says Adam Morrison. 

Circular Economy- Recycling Renewables

27th August 2020

It’s high time the renewable energy industry became active members of the circular economy, says Calum Innes.

Rishi Revival follows Boris Bounce

18th August 2020

Business Is Great And We Are Looking For More.

Galbraith and the Beach Café, Nairn Academy

05th August 2020

Networking is something we all do to a greater  or lesser extent and it  isn’t often that you can quantify the benefits.  However, sometimes  it all falls into place.

Market Trends- Uncertain times ahead

05th August 2020

The farming sector is facing another period of uncertainty. The future of subsidies is causing the most concern with every client asking ‘what next?’

Giving young trees a head start

05th August 2020

Lauren Glass explains the benefits of using cell-grown stock. 

A better service — automatically

05th August 2020

Modern power supply systems are crucial to island dwellers, and automation is making them more reliable, as Nick Morgan reports.

Local focus brings success to log enterprise

05th August 2020

Father and son team John and Roderick Low have been managing their woodlands and running Dunearn Logs for about 10 years. Roderick explains how the business has developed.

On the front line of climate change

04th August 2020

Young people are concerned about climate change because they face the consequences. But, writes Willem Dane, they must have the right skills to confront the challenge. 

The Power of the For Sale Board

27th July 2020

From time to time our clients may ask “Do we really need a ‘For Sale’ board?

Tracking the smolts may help to cut losses

23rd July 2020

The extent of hydro power installations on the Conon river system has sometimes made life difficult for salmon, but it has also allowed the river to be the subject of detailed study. Neil Wright reports.

The benefits of brash removal

22nd July 2020

The growing demand for ‘lop and top’ to feed biomass boilers makes brash recovery an attractive idea, although not all forestry sites are suitable, says Russell Porter.

Radiation alert as 5G phone networks roll out

21st July 2020

Potential radiation levels have prompted concerns about the building and use of phone masts. As Mike Reid reports, landowners should be prepared.

Scotland needs an answer to Rishi Sunak’s energy efficiency plans for households

17th July 2020

Whatever one thinks of the UK Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, its lockdown response has poured cold water all over the economy. 

Forest resilience: what does it really mean?

08th July 2020

Tree-planting strategies need to change in the face of greater risks of disease, but how exactly? Asks Paul Schofield.

Homing in on hot spots

07th July 2020

Heat mapping, or thermal imaging, is an important aspect of a modern survey, says John Pullen.

Coast & Waters

03rd July 2020

Time and time again we see well-sited  coastal properties out-performing those  without water views.

A long-term plan for a more resilient river

02nd July 2020

Neil Wright reports on efforts to secure the future of salmon in a Sutherland river in the face of climate change.