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Protection when it matters most.

29th November 2019

If you want peace of mind that you and your family would cope financially following a death or serious illness, now is the time to consider life and critical illness insurance.

Section 21: What if the law is changed

29th November 2019

Matthew Williamson looks at proposals to extend protection for tenants.

GroundMapper: A cartographer’s dream

29th November 2019

Annie Lane explains the benefits of Galbraith’s new system.

Tenants’ amnesty: The countdown has started

29th November 2019

Claire Wilson and James Bowie offer a timely reminder of an approaching deadline.

Keeping up with market trends

29th November 2019

Here Martin Rennie looks at year on year trends in asset pricing. 

Update on planning reform

29th November 2019

Jay Skinner looks at the key changes in the Planning (Scotland) Act.

All the fun of the farm open day

29th November 2019

But there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, as Charlotte Maclean explains.

The road to compensation

29th November 2019

Landowners affected by major road schemes should seek professional advice, says Richard Haggart.

Opting to tax: applications for rural properties

28th November 2019

Annie Lane reports on a farm steading sale that avoided VAT.

Code chaos continues

28th November 2019

Mike Reid finds there has been little progress in getting the Electronic Communications Code to work.

Cardross: Taking the long-term view

28th November 2019

Alastair Orr Ewing tells Rural Matters how the estate sees its past, present and future. 

Closer to nature: A different approach to woodland management

27th November 2019

Willie Beattie looks at the pros and cons of continuous cover forestry. 

One man's trash is another's treasure

27th November 2019

Charlotte Maclean explains how a potentially expensive problem for an urban-fringe estate has been turned to advantage.

A ‘manly spirit’ from a historic walled garden

27th November 2019

James Bowie talks to the creators of an award-winning vermouth made in Scotland – and learns about the drink’s surprisingly British origins.

Finding a way through a landscape of uncertainty

27th November 2019

Tom Warde-Aldam explores strategies for survival in a fast-changing world.

Understanding specialist woodland insurance

27th November 2019

Damage to woodland can be costly. Louise Alexander explains what insurance is available.

Releasing the value of a landholding

27th November 2019

Gareth Taylor explains how landowners can use their assets to benefit from higher yield investments.

Crystal Ball Gazing

27th November 2019

Forecasting interest rate movements is never easy, but Robert Taylor predicts that current low levels will be with us for a long time to come.

If you go down to the woods today…

26th November 2019

Richard Haggart looks at an unusual letting recently completed on behalf of Caledonian Estate for a small area of woodland on the outskirts of Bishopbriggs.     

Energy parks: A joined-up solution for renewables

15th November 2019

Integrated renewable-energy parks incorporating different technologies are the future.