Going the extra mile...or 20!

11th June 2018

Galbraith staff are no slouches when it comes to charity fundraising. Poppy Baggott reports. 

Having it all: a woman's view from the top

07th June 2018

Pam Over explains why she turns down invitations to speak about women in the workplace.

Edinburgh returns to its roots with new club brand

31st May 2018

Edinburgh Rugby has announced a new club badge and colours, first worn by world-famous players representing the city's district side.

A Day In The Life Of A Land Agent

23rd February 2018

Annie Lane is a Rural Land Agent based in our Perth office. She carries out a variety of management and compensation work as well as other professional consultancy work and valuations. 

A Day In The Life Of A Wayleave Officer

23rd February 2018

Nick Morgan works for the Galbraith Energy team and is based in our Perth office. He is the main point of contact between utility companies and anyone with an interest in the land leading to their infrastructure.

Hardship For Farmers After Summer Of Rain

13th December 2017

The eleventh wettest summer on record could impact farmers into the new year as the cost of extra equipment and supplies adds up. 

Engagement the best way to de-risk planning

11th August 2017

Lauren Springfield explains the importance of engaging with the Local Development Plan preparation process.

Keeping buildings in good repair

08th August 2017

Lewis Thompson sets out how landlord's works can avoid a schedule of condition on a new lease.

Joined-up thinking for office relocation

07th August 2017

Katie Gibson has advice for occupiers on the move.

Standing out from the crowd

03rd August 2017

Chief executive Pam Over and her daughter, Louisa, a rural surveyor, both alumnae of the University of Reading, discuss the opportunities and challenges of the industry then and now.

It's hammer time!

01st August 2017

Pamela Gray and Harry Stott outline the benefits of selling at auction.

Is this the new normal?

31st July 2017

Jamie Thain and Will Sandwell on the enduring appeal of bricks and mortar in uncertain times.

The Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Bill

28th July 2017

There are some areas of the Bill which will radically change how forestry is managed and regulated, and these have been flagged up by industry specialists as ones to watch.' 

Where there's a still...

27th July 2017

Lucie Howatson explains how creative expansion can lead to something worth celebrating.

Setting the scene for the silver screen

25th July 2017

Gilda Walsh and Gareth Taylor explain the script when allowing a production company to film on your land.

No place for pheasantries

24th July 2017

Jamie Grant examines the lessons learned from a recent planning enforcement notice.

Could your estate be part of the adventure?

21st July 2017

Ossian is Scotland's leading sporting and unique adventure specialist with unrivalled and exclusive access to the finest sporting estates and private properties in the country. Ted Innes Ker discusses opportunities for land and estate owners.

Good things come to those who wait

18th July 2017

Claire Wightman compares the long-term gains from woodland creation with the low steady profits from pasture management.

A history of champions

06th July 2017

Toby Kirkwood welcomes the inaugural straw sale from the Ballindalloch herd's prize-winning Aberdeen Angus bull.

Contract farming agreements maximise flexibility for landowners

04th July 2017

Richard Haggart explains the mechanism of the agreement and the benefits to the parties involved.