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Solar storage: A route to energy independence

German innovator Solarwatt is striking a blow for household energy independence with UK partner network, says Pol Spronck.

The leading German pioneer of high-performance dual-glass solar PV production and storage systems, Solarwatt is developing a UK partnership network to bring advanced renewable-energy generation and management systems to homes across the UK. There's been a big response from both installation and building design professionals and from the business media.

Some might think the EU vote or renewable energy subsidy cuts meant that this was not a great time for a European company to come to Britain. While these are factors to consider, they could not change our minds about bringing the latest technology to UK households.

Solar power is gaining traction due to carbon reduction obligations and concerns over energy costs and fuel security - boosted by advances such as our ground-breaking MyReserve storage system. Fixing energy costs, locking in savings by storing and using energy from solar panels rather than feeding it back into the grid, is increasingly attractive as fossil-fuel prices continue their long-term rise.

MyReserve addresses the long-standing challenge of power provision during low or no sunshine. The modular device is easy to install and increase in capacity, helping customers reduce costs permanently.

In Germany, Solarwatt supplies MyReserve, Energy Manager and a software app for an all-in-one solar PV solution provided by the utility company E.ON.

Batteries bridge the power gap by storing electricity as it's produced for discharging when families need lights and appliances in the morning and evening. Storage means more usable power from solar PV, making renewable energy more flexible, reducing reliance on the grid and cutting building energy costs. With PV plus storage, people can fix the electricity costs for decades and boost their independence from utilities.