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In search of the rural dream

Anna Henderson and Scott Hall explain the benefits of a professional buying service.

It's said that Scottish rural estates have a special appeal. Given the ever-changing political and economic landscape, that appeal has most certainly had to be enduring. 

During the last recession and in 2014, the number of Scottish estates sold on the market dipped significantly. However, last year there was a marked uplift with some 20 estates totalling about 120,000 acres being sold for an estimated total price of 65 million.

The Scottish sporting estate offers something which is unique in the world, and this extraordinary attraction led us to establish Premium Property team works purely on behalf of people who see what an estate in Scotland can offer - the unspoilt landscape, peace and tranquility, superb field sports and potential to carry out major conservation projects. All these attributes provide buyers with the incentive to invest in their estates, in turn benefitting the often fragile, local economies.

In the United States about 50% of property purchases are completed using professional advisers, but that is not the culture in the UK. So what are the advantages of enlisting professional help to acquire the property that will be held so dear?

When you consider that buying property is the most significant personal purchase you make, it is important to get it right. 

For every estate that is on the open market, it is estimated that two or three more could be bought privately. Those wishing to buy an estate tend to be exceptionally busy people, often working elsewhere, and cannot be expected to have a detailed knowledge of the market.

Estates can be withdrawn from the market, but the owner may still be willing to sell if the offer is right. Furthermore, intimate knowledge of the market can help reveal important information about neighbouring estates and their activities.

As the estate market activity has picked up this year we have found that there is a healthy appetite to own a Scottish estate and buyers from all over the world remain committed to finding that special part of Scotland they can call home.