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Quick Fire Questions with Jamie Ritchie

Since his explosion onto the professional scene in 2014 as a 17-year old fresh out of school, Ritchie has become a household name for Scottish Rugby fans. At the tender age of 24, he has already racked up 27 caps for his country and has his sights set on a centurion of appearances for Edinburgh. 

What age did you start playing? I started playing when I was eight. 

Did you have any idols or anyone who you looked up to? I remember my first ones being Chris Paterson, Jonah Lomu and Jason White. 

Was there any player in particular who influenced your style of play? When I started to think about it - Kiran Read - just because he was so skilful and great at the fundamental parts of the game.

You’ve played against some of the best in the world – who’s been your toughest opponent and why? Justin Tipuric - I just remember him being everywhere and anytime we were near each other he would make sure I was off the floor after him. 

How does your back stay in one piece when turning over a ball? I don’t know haha! Luckily I am quite flexible from doing judo when I was younger.

What’s been your career highs and lows so far? High - Making the 2019 World Cup and beating France at home in the last game with crowds before the pandemic. Low – It’s a difficult one. I have enjoyed most of my career and tried to learn from all the setbacks. Probably losing to Japan because it was such a massive game. 

Favourite thing about playing at Edinburgh? The boys! We are so lucky that we have such a great squad here.

Who takes longest in the shower and to get ready? Duhan Van Der Merwe!

Favourite thing about living in Edinburgh? The city, it’s such a great place to live and we have made so many great friends. 

Favourite spot for food? What’s your go-to order? There’s a couple in Edinburgh. I’d probably say Dishoom for breakfast and the Wrestlers Naan.

Favourite milkshake? Strawberry from Blackhorn Grill in St. Andrews.

Is there anywhere else in the world you’d like to live? Potentially, maybe somewhere sunny or with snow, but can’t see myself anywhere else at the moment.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? In five years’ time I want to see myself as happy and successful. I want to be in a place where I have impacted positively on and off the field with the high performing teams I am part of. I feel whilst in elite sport it is very important to enjoy the journey and have fun. The team and I get more out of myself in all aspects if I am happy, learning and contributing to a positive environment.

What advice would you give to youngsters keen to make their way in the sport? Concentrate on your skills and becoming the best ‘rugby’ player you can be. Don’t worry too much about being the strongest in the gym. Learn the game!