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Natural capital update: Walking the talk on the wild side

Biodiversity faces a global crisis – one which we know businesses need to address. We at Galbraith don’t believe in giving advice we wouldn’t take ourselves – so in June, we went wild!

Over 40 members of the Galbraith team took part in the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Challenge – connecting in some way with nature every day. 

Particular highlights included ‘paying more attention to the smaller creatures we share our world with’, ‘trying out new things in the garden, ‘going wild swimming’, ‘exploring new places’, and letting children lead activities – ‘they are always finding bugs and flowers and digging and climbing and making nests or just lying in the grass’.

Most participants joined a messaging group, which buzzed with photos and stories of wild things. For many of us, sharing experiences and knowledge was as valuable as our own activities.

People said the challenge had been good for them, and for nature – increasing health and knowledge, feeling closer to nature and caring more for it. Those of us who had been rather shy of our enthusiasm for identifying bugs or lying in long grass, found ourselves in the in-crowd.

Now the June challenge is over, will we go back to how we were? Not according to the participants. They’d like to keep the WhatsApp group live, keep the habits of mindfulness, keep learning, do more for nature – and take part in a bigger and better 30 Days Wild challenge again next year.

Biodiversity crisis – Galbraith’s on your case!


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