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Hardship For Farmers After Summer Of Rain

The eleventh wettest summer on record could impact farmers into the new year as the cost of extra equipment and supplies adds up. 

The UK's favourite fall back topic, uniting Brits across the board, and providing the one certainty in uncertain times, rain.  The so-called summer of 2017 has been recorded as the eleventh wettest on record, and the UK's farming industry would testify to this with tractors seen out in the fields late in the year as farmers attempted to complete harvest, or get a third cut of silage in November. 

The knock on effect of this bad weather will resound throughout the next farming year, feed and bedding will be scarce, and the quality of silage and hay may be sub-standard resulting in feed supplements being required to carry livestock through the lambing and calving season in 2018.  

The reaction to the relentless lack of prolonged dry spells can be seen all over Scotland, with new sheds sprouting like mushrooms and livestock vanishing from the fields earlier and reappearing later each summer, and all this must come with a cost.  The cost of the new shed, the extra feed required, and the straw for bedding, while outside the steading there will be extra costs involved in improving or repairing field drains to handle the water, clearing ditches, and subsoiling areas which have been compacted by water when the spring comes.  This is a mere snapshot of a few of the issues which follow continuous bad weather, but the cost of changing and improving systems to handle this is another matter altogether, and with the uncertainty of the future of subsidies and the post Brexit markets, obtaining funds will be increasingly tricky.

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