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Dressing a property up vs Empty properties

No matter what is happening in the property market, when you want to sell your home there are two important factors to consider to assure a quick sale: price it  well and ensure it is looking its best. Regardless of the asking price, the appearance needs to be inviting. Empty properties can often be undesired or even overlooked so we explore the reasons for dressing a property vs leaving it empty.

The importance of dressing a property  

Potential buyers become interested in a property when they walk in and feel, “I could live here”. Often with an empty house people struggle to visualise themselves living there and that is why it is important to present the property in such a way that a lifestyle is being sold along with the property.

Staging uses design and creative concept techniques with the objective being to have potential buyers walk in and see the property as their home. They want to envisage themselves living and entertaining there so a seller creates a space with which the buyer will connect. In order to do this effectively,  the house should be made both as impersonal and attractive as possible to give the buyer scope to  see it as their home.  

Staging is not a new concept. Large house builders sell through their immaculately designed and furnished show homes but it is not always necessary to go to those lengths or expense. There is so much than can be achieved either doing it yourself or with the help of a professional who will work with you and your budget.  

Before you start you should consider the property’s strong and weak points and any changes that need to be made, the time this will take and obviously any general cleaning, repairs and tidying up. Staging focuses on decluttering, positioning furniture, lighting and colour to emphasise the property’s strengths and minimise any weak points thereby showing the property to its maximum potential.  Presenting a well-cared for home and creating a positive first impression will attract the attention of the prospective buyer and encourage them to consider how the property could fit their requirements.

Don’t discount an unfurnished house

While unfurnished homes can be beautiful, they do not appear to attract the same level of attention as furnished properties.

However, seeing a property stripped back can allow for a buyer’s imagination to take over and the property’s full potential to be realised. 

An empty house offers full transparency in terms of the property’s current condition, as well as allowing prospective buyers to get an accurate understanding of the property’s actual size. Unfurnished homes allow buyers to view much more of the structure and space – rather than being obstructed by wardrobes, tables and curtains – so the internal condition of the house and the space it provides is much more obvious.

There could be a number of reasons why a property is empty and potential buyers should not assume it means there is something wrong. The sellers could be living overseas or could have moved to a different part of the UK due to work commitments. We would always advise prospective purchasers to keep an open mind when viewing an unfurnished property and to appreciate the blank canvas that could in fact make for their ideal family home.