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A Day In The Life Of A Land Agent

Annie Lane is a Rural Land Agent based in our Perth office. She carries out a variety of management and compensation work as well as other professional consultancy work and valuations. 

Any Land Agent will tell you how varied the work can be, one day I can be dressed smartly for client meetings, the next I can be trudging through fields in my wellies, worrying about whether I've ripped my trousers on the barbed wire fence I've climbed over!

I usually spend the early mornings with my horse before heading to the office. The "day-to-day" can include, organising property repairs, liaising with tenants and estate staff, negotiating terms for a new lease or discussing farming matters with other work including compulsory purchase negotiations and compensation claims.

However, after this the rest of my day varies greatly depending on the time of year. There are budgets to prepare for clients ahead of each new financial year, and subsidy applications take up a large chunk of my day in the run up to the all important 15th May deadline. Then in the summer, when the weather is supposed to be a little kinder, there are property inspections and fencing surveys to carry out.

Even the clients I deal with vary greatly from private owners and family trusts, to corporate or multiple shared ownerships. They each have their own priorities and goals, providing a different set of challenges and opportunities.

Since starting at Galbraith in 2014, I have enjoyed a wide variety of rural practice workin addition to traditional estate management. I am involved in the valuation of farms as well as mixed estates comprising a variety of different asset types such as cottages, forestry, wind farms, caravan parks and other more unusual assets some of which are a little on the wild side.

Due to the diverse nature of the job, I work closely with colleagues in different departments who can help when there is overlap with their business stream. It is incredibly useful to be able to draw upon their knowledge and expertise as well as keep up to date with what is going on in their industry. 

As well as all this there are various events throughout the year to participate in such as the Highland Show and Scone Game Fair which provide a fantastic opportunity to meet with clients, other professionals and colleagues. There is also the opportunity to participate as part of a company team in sporting events such as the Lanrick or Great Glen challenges.