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Communication is key to our role as Wayleave Officers

As Wayleave Officers, we work closely with Utility Clients to assist with what can often be multi million pound projects across the country. 

Our primary job is to identify and liaise with landowners, tenants and third party interests to gain their consent to allow our clients project to happen, at the same time we will also discuss appropriate access routes, project timescales, potential disturbance and reinstatement with them.  

Timescales are an important topic for discussion with these parties to ensure that we minimise disruption to them whilst also maintaining our Client’s programmes. We also work with project teams to identify potential disturbance to landowners, suggest mitigation measures and prepare compensation budgets. Equally, it’s just as important for us to understand what’s happening on the land that’s encompassed within our projects so that we can effectively plan ahead. We encourage regular engagement such as meetings, in order to contextualise the landowner’s point of view and work together to minimise disruption caused by the essential work. 

One of the recent projects Galbraith were involved in was securing wayleave consents for a 132kV tower refurbishment project in the North East of Scotland. The tower route length was approximately 8km of overhead line and passed through various land types from residential housing to arable fields and affected various businesses notably funeral directors and wholesale supplier of gifts and crafts. With regular engagement, we were able to agree access routes, working practices and suggest mitigation measures to ensure safe delivery of the project at minimum disruption to their businesses. Good communication between all parties meant that we were all kept safe and were able to progress with the work without undue restrictions on either party. 

Due to the diverse nature of the job, we work closely with our colleagues in different departments who can help provide their knowledge and expertise on more specialist topics as well as keep us up to date with what is going on in their industry. Engaging with landowners, tenants and the local communities, being upfront about our plans and listening to any concerns that may arise from the necessary work can make a real difference during a project. I believe that teamwork and communication between all parties is a key factor in the successful completion of a project and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I have helped to co-ordinate this.