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Can social media sell your home?

Once upon a time we would pick up a local newspaper to look for our next home or visit an estate agent on our local high street, Hannah Christiansen looks at how social media is now playing a big part in selling homes.

In recent years we have seen significant changes in how property is marketed and where buyers choose to look for their next home. One option that is certainly here to stay is social media. In 2019, social media users worldwide hit a record high of 3.484 billion, that’s 45% of the world population.  An incredible amount of people and opportunities. Social media plays a significant role in the lives of many people and who are now turning to social media to search for the biggest purchase of their life.  

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the many other social media networks out there have taken the world by storm and they can offer exposure beyond any other. By creatively placing properties on social media platforms we instantly widen your audience and increase the chance of securing a buyer. Properties will gain attention from more people, including international buyers, very quickly and drive traffic to our website for further information.  

At Galbraith we strongly believe that sitting back and waiting for buyers to come forward is not  the route to a successful sale. It’s imperative to us that we actively  market a property to prospective purchasers. Galbraith has fully embraced social media and the opportunities it creates for our sellers. Through engaging posts, paid for advertisements and a clever and creative mix of pictures and videos we have created a social media network with more than 45,000 followers. This has brought great success and exposure for our clients and this success has not just been clicks, likes and shares, but crucially it has brought viewings, detail requests and enquiries before a property has even hit the open market.  

A great example of such success was a property launched here in Aberdeen. A ‘coming soon’ post was created and submitted to Facebook before the property was formally launched to the market to wet the appetite. Within a very small period of time we had reached an impressive 13,799 people with 65 likes, 53 shares and 40 comments. But more importantly the first person to contact the office after the post was the solicitor of the actual buyer.  

Another great example from Aberdeenshire was a property we launched to the market  that very quickly received over 50 likes. One of the first people to ‘like’ the post was the person who purchased the property.  

Furthermore, the firm handled the sale of a beautiful island, Little  Ross, located in the South West  of Scotland. Our posts created excitement online and drove over 6,000 clicks to our website and  were shared by accounts all over  the world.  

Social media may not be solely relied upon to sell your home, but there is no doubt its part in the process is becoming extremely important by greatly increasing  your property exposure and audience. The evidence speaks  for itself and it’s exciting to see  how social media will greatly contribute to property sales in  the years ahead.