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A private water supply brought up to standard

Rachel Russell reports on a recent improvement project.

I reported on the introduction of the Water intended for human Consumption (Private Supplies) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 in Energy Matters issue 16. 

Since then, I have had practical experience of the annual testing regime, which took place on a managed estate and resulted in the installation of a water filtration system. 

The estate’s existing private water supply is from a natural spring which serves seven residential properties. Having collected and sent water samples for analysis, which identified the presence of bacteria, we have been working closely with the client, Fife Council and contractors to improve the private water supply. 

The estate decided to install a particulate and UV disinfection unit and two smaller treatment systems at property level. The installation involved exposing the route of the existing water supply, ducting this supply and an electricity supply through a new concrete base, before housing the filtration system in a purpose installed kiosk. 

The work took about two months from start to finish and came at a considerable cost to the client, who was, however, eligible for a Private Water Supply Improvement Grant, which amounted to £800 per property served. This made a significant contribution to the cost of the installations. 

Under the instruction of Fife Council, Galbraith, as acting agents for the landlord and at the landlord’s cost, provided bottled water to the tenants during the installation period. 

The result is a safe and manageable water supply with the only maintenance required being the replacement of the UV filters every six months. 

We have recently had the particulate filters replaced as part of this routine maintenance, which will again take place in six months’ time along with the replacement of the UV filters. With annual testing and five-yearly risk assessments, Galbraith will continue to work closely with the client and Fife Council to ensure the supply continues to meet appropriate quality standards.

 If you own let properties which are served by a private water supply, Galbraith is on hand to liaise with local authorities, tenants and contractors on your behalf.