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A Chance To Give Something Back

Mark joined Land Factor in 2011 which merged with Galbraith in 2019. He works as a Land Agent within our Hexham Office and carries out a wide range of professional and management work on rural properties across the North of England.

I always wanted to give something back and to help shape the area I grew up in for the better. I still do and this was what drove me to take up a job as a Land Agent.

With an MA in Rural Surveying from Aberdeen University under my belt I immediately took on a job with an Exeter based firm of Chartered Surveyors partly to experience another part of the country and partly because it was the recession and sense told me to take the first job going.  A year on, I seized the opportunity to join a firm based in my home town, Land Factor. 8 years later and I have seen the team grow, cross the border and merge with Galbraith.

The variety of work and the characters I meet day to day underpin my enjoyment of the job. You name it I will have no doubt have been involved in it, I am for want of a better word a jack of all trades.  Landlord and tenant matters, agency, valuation, repairs and maintenance, commercial, fishing, forestry and sporting is about as specific as I can be!

My agricultural experience was fairly limited when compared to some of my peers who had grown up on farms but my in-depth knowledge of the family caravan site, a placement with a national firm of surveyors and a month labouring on a friends farm in Norfolk helped to give me a broader perspective on things which I believe help to set me apart.  

Becoming a Fellow of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) has got to be one of my biggest career achievements to date. The confidence and support gained through memberships of the CAAV and RICS cannot be understated - in my experience it is far more valuable than who you might know