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Natural Capital Update: AD tie-up with dry ice business highlights innovation in net-zero carbon push

12th January 2022

Farmer tells Poppy Baggott how green energy plant boosts food and pharmaceutical sectors. I can’t be alone in having reservations as to the solid clean green credentials of anaerobic digestion (‘AD’).

Natural Capital update: Making agricultural tenancies fit for purpose

10th January 2022

Tom Warde-Aldam There is a growing feeling that the current agricultural tenancy arrangements in England are being eclipsed by developments in the world of Natural Capital. 

Let's start 2022 in Regenuary

06th January 2022

Dr Eleanor Harris Have you heard of ‘Regenuary’ yet? It’s a call to start the year by learning about and making consumer choices that support production systems which rebuild the world’s natural capital and ecosytems. Looking back over our blogs from the past year, it is clear that Regenuary is already a theme at the heart of our natural capital thinking at Galbraith.

Natural Capital update: Land Layering

23rd December 2021

Eleanor Harris, Natural Capital and Carbon Leader at Galbraith,  calls for greater ambition in the way we think about land use. The ‘three compartment model’ of land use was brought to prominence in public policy in 2021 in Henry Dimbleby’s national food report. It is based on an old natural capital debate about the best way to use land: ‘land sparing’ versus ‘land sharing’. 

Integrating trees into a farmed landscape

22nd December 2021

Let’s make 2022 the year we put agroforestry into practice, say Georgina Weston and Crawford Mackay For a number of years there has been a perceived stand-off between agriculture, forestry and woodland. Some farmers have been aggravated by land taken out of agricultural production to establish forestry, whilst foresters are frustrated by the lack of land available for new planting. Consequently, they have tended to be considered as entirely separate land uses. However, with the concept of Natural Capital and changes to the Basic Payment Scheme on the horizon, now is the time to consider greater integration of trees into a farmed landscape. 

Natural Capital - Is it really a new concept?

20th December 2021

Matthew Williamson All of us are reading new buzz words & sayings in the rural economy on a daily basis… “Biodiversity Offsetting”, “Biodiversity Net Gain”, “Carbon Capture”, “Natural Capital”. 

Strong Price Growth In Booming Scottish Property Market

17th December 2021

Leading independent property consultancy Galbraith has published its market review for 2021.

Country Houses - A Great British Tradition

16th December 2021

As a firm, we have specialised in the sale of country houses for the length of our pedigree, which stretches back over a hundred years and looking back through the archives the great delight in marketing them is as evident today as it was in the past. 

Getting the most out of a viewing

15th December 2021

Richard Stewart discusses some handy hints and tips on what to do when viewing a house for sale.

Quick Fire Questions with Jamie Ritchie

15th December 2021

Since his explosion onto the professional scene in 2014 as a 17-year old fresh out of school, Ritchie has become a household name for Scottish Rugby fans. At the tender age of 24, he has already racked up 27 caps for his country and has his sights set on a centurion of appearances for Edinburgh. 

The best flowers are truly green – and sourced close to home

14th December 2021

Demand for flowers soars as we approach Christmas. When buying, says Emma Chalmers, think of the environment and British growers. Buying local, in-season food is an effective way to tackle both climate change and the reduction in biodiversity – buying British flowers is another. 

Natural capital update: Timber sea route cuts emissions and protects Highlands

10th December 2021

 Heather Coyle   The timber industry in Scotland brings big benefits to the economy and local communities, producing approximately 9m tonnes and generating some £1bn in income a year.  

Sought-after Home in Kincardine O'Neil on the Market through Galbraith

08th December 2021

Sales Negotiator in the Aberdeen Office, Amy Price speaks about one of the most sought-after locations in the North-East.

Natural Capital update: Peatland is vital to the planet – help is available to restore it

23rd November 2021

The value of peatland as a carbon sink and wildlife habitat has become increasingly recognised in recent years, and the Scottish Government has committed to investing more than £250 million over the next 10 years towards peatland restoration projects. This funding is administered via the Peatland Action project, managed by the heritage body NatureScot. 

Natural capital Update: Countryside voices must be heard in the climate debate

16th November 2021

Crawford Mackay  COP26 and the variety of reporting and comment emanating from the Glasgow event underline how much effort and money will be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to stop climate change.  Safeguarding life on our planet will involve and affect almost every aspect of how we live and work – investment, domestic and international trade, supply chains for goods and services – everything. We can also expect much regulatory and media scrutiny in this process. 

Natural Capital Update: Meat is a low emitter of greenhouse gases – we must find a balance in food production

08th November 2021

Ian Hope   I listened with interest on the first weekday of COP26 as the people of Glasgow were interviewed on the radio. When asked about what needed to change, the common response was to stop eating meat.   No mention of electric cars, less travel, more public transport, more sustainable buildings, greater renewable energy, air and water quality, just stop eating meat!

Natural capital update: The COP26 forest declaration is a start – making it work on UK farms will require a joined-up approach

05th November 2021

Eleanor Harris The Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use committed 128 countries to strengthening efforts to conserve forests, accelerating their restoration, and promoting sustainable production. What implications does this have for land in the UK? 

Natural Capital Update: The business of caring for the environment

02nd November 2021

Effective stewardship of natural resources is no longer the sole preserve of government and charities. As Strath Slater reports, landowners are discovering that care for the environment is good business. 

The latest buzz phrase

19th August 2021

It seems to be suddenly everywhere – but is Natural Capital a passing fashion? I don’t believe so.

An Introduction to Carbon Reduction & Achieving Net Zero within Commercial Property

17th August 2021

In this Q&A;, Jamie Thain, investment Partner at Galbraith, talks with Anne Johnstone, founder of Fair Futures Partnership, about ESG and Net Zero Carbon Strategies.