RoboForester. Technical innovation in the data age

17th August 2018

Mobile technology touches every aspect of our lives, and of course forestry is no exception.

Making woodlands future-proof

16th August 2018

We must learn from the past if we are to create plantations that will survive the test of time. 

A drone in the sky is worth two in the bush

16th August 2018

Drone images and videos coupled with first-class professional photography can maximum impact when marketing a property. 

Wedding marquee brings estate a step closer to self-sufficiency

14th August 2018

Gilda Walsh finds out how the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation has helped to create the success story of Auchinleck Estate.

Where old meets new

02nd August 2018

Richard Higgins explores the evolution of George Street, Edinburgh and the eastward focus of activity.

Taking tree safety seriously

02nd August 2018

Louise Alexander explains the value to landowners of a tree safety strategy

Gas peaking: Filling the gaps in energy supply

02nd August 2018

A huge surge in renewable energy generation in the UK in recent years is set to further dominate the market as the next wave of offshore wind farms come online. 

Harnessing the power of social media

02nd August 2018

Social media is a huge part of our day-to-day lives. It is used to plan events, share pictures and chat to friends all over the world, so why wouldn’t it be used to find your next home?

Seeds of change

25th July 2018

A career in land agency is multifaceted enough to attract people from a wide spectrum of other jobs and Galbraith, with its wide range of rural management clients across Scotland, is an obvious choice for those looking for a career change.

When turbines go wrong

25th July 2018

Putting up a wind turbine can be great way to generate additional income from land, but first it’s important to consider what could go wrong, as Mike Reid observes.

Making the most of entrepreneurial opportunities for estates

25th July 2018

Charlotte Maclean highlights the benefits of a joint partnership when evaluating potential AD opportunities.

Go with the flow

25th July 2018

Jamie Addison-Scott explains the sources of equity in the Scottish investment market over the past 10 years.

The perfect match: buying and selling Scottish estates

16th July 2018

Galbraith has a long tradition of selling Scottish estates, stretching back over a century. We are perhaps less well-known for buying estates for private purchasers, but in fact we are the most active firm in Scotland in this field.

Brexit uncertainty: forging new business models at the farm gate

16th July 2018

Poppy Baggott finds out how innovative farm businesses are developing markets for agriculture and local producers as Brexit looms.

Scotland is back on target

04th July 2018

Will Sandwell provides a round-up of the Scottish investment market.

Creating a 200-hectare wood

04th July 2018

Louise Alexander explains the two-year process that culminated in approval for an upland planting scheme.

Farming in the post-diesel era

03rd July 2018

Diesel for agriculture remains cheap, but in the low-carbon era it won't last forever. Colin Stewart talks to experts about some sustainable replacements.

Selling a tranquil private island with journalists taking note

26th June 2018

A frenzy of internet interest was generated when a Scottish island was put on the market. David Corrie relates how Galbraith handled the sale under the media spotlight.

Five reasons to buy woodland

19th June 2018

Woodland is a high-performance investment, yet there are few investors, say Anna Henderson and Philippa Cliff.

Gearing up for the electric car

18th June 2018

Rapid charging stations and plenty of them will be crucial in the move to all-electric cars. Calum Innes looks at the state of play.