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Is this the beginning of the end for ash?

17th January 2019

Paul Schofield fears another disaster for Britain’s native trees.

Decommissioning: have the costs been accurately assessed?

17th January 2019

Claire Acheson on the importance of preparing for the day the turbines stop turning.

Selling and letting: The dos and don'ts

20th December 2018

No matter how the market is performing, some selling decisions will directly affect how your property is perceived and the sale or rental price achieved. Here are ten top tips from Scott Holley.

Rural valuation: A peek behind the curtain

19th December 2018

Putting a price on a property is only part of the story when a lender asks for a valuation, as David Corrie explains.

The clock is ticking on tenants’ amnesty

18th December 2018

Tenant farmers risk losing the value of improvements they have made unless they act quickly, says Claire Wilson.

All pumped up: making the case for hydro storage

17th December 2018

Networks going green means utility scale electricity storage is in demand. As John Pullen reports, pumped storage hydro has a role – and the Highlands can provide an ideal location.

What is the future for small-scale renewables when FiT disappears?

17th December 2018

The end of Feed-in Tariffs next year will bring both challenges and opportunities says Hannah Smith, Senior Policy Manager with Scottish Renewables.

Christmas Is One Of The Best Times To Market Your Property

13th December 2018

With festive decorations providing a warm and welcoming feeling to any house, sellers should be encouraged to market their properties over Christmas.

Renaissance on Tayside

13th December 2018

Dundee’s executive director of city development, Robin Presswood, tells Jo Plant and Jay Skinner about the 30-year vision to transform the city.

Flying under the radar

13th December 2018

Jamie Thain provides an update on the Scottish multi-let industrial market.

Rural broadband: The need for speed

11th December 2018

Large parts of Scotland risk being left behind because they lack a fast broadband connection. Rachel Russell reports on the digital divide affecting rural areas.

Boundary disputes: Benefits of land registration in the urban fringe

10th December 2018

There may be advantages to registering title with the Scottish Land Register, especially if the land in question is close to a centre of population.

WeWork: A case of boom...and bust?

10th December 2018

Harry Trotter explores the sustainability of the American serviced office giant.

Blade extensions help to boost flagging revenue

27th November 2018

Not all wind farms live up to expectations, but one company reckons it’s found a simple, effective way to boost energy output.

Cottage industry: Making a success of holiday lettings

23rd November 2018

Hard work – and a loan from the Agrticultural Mortgage Corporation – have added a profitable new dimension to a family-owned estate in Wigtownshire.

The race is on for new offshore wind sites

23rd November 2018

A review of Scotland’s seabed is set to create opportunities for more off-shore wind farms.

Land purchase: A guide for first-time buyers

15th November 2018

Isla King offers some insights into land purchase to help the growing band of newcomers to the market.

Commercial investment team gets off to a flying start

12th November 2018

Jamie Thain looks back over the first year of the new Galbraith commercial investment team.

Counting the cost of energy targets

06th November 2018

Tough rules on the energy efficiency of buildings are due to become law in Scotland in April. Calum Innes says landlords should be preparing now.

Anaerobic pioneers deserve a better deal

26th October 2018

Business rates on renewable energy assets risk creating an uneven playing field.