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Support for farmers in a difficult year

17th June 2021

The cancellation of agricultural shows has been keenly felt by the agricultural community. After the rush of spring work, a trip to a show – whether it’s the Royal Highland Show or one closer to home – is something to look forward to and was very much missed last year.

Natural Capital update: England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) – what’s involved?

17th June 2021

The England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) is a new scheme administered by the Forestry Commission (FC) which opened for applications on 9 June. The aim of the scheme, which is funded through the Nature for Climate Fund, is to help achieve Net Zero targets by 2050.

Natural Capital update: Grazing scheme boosts Cranley Moss peatland recovery

16th June 2021

Peatland restoration is being encouraged by policymakers in the UK as an effective nature-based response to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Alistair Christie in Conversation with WP Nel

11th June 2021

To celebrate the partnership between Galbraith and Edinburgh Rugby, Alistair Christie caught up with club stalwart and international W P Nel, who recently extended his stay in the capital, with the tighthead prop putting pen-to-paper on a brand new deal.

Now is the Time to Take Control

08th June 2021

Last year and the first quarter of 2021 have, without doubt, been challenging and have driven a significant amount of change - even within the agricultural and rural sector. COVID-19 has certainly prompted kitchen table discussions regarding succession and future planning for businesses. 

Green Infrastructure

26th May 2021

Balancing the risks and benefits of ageing trees in urban settings.

Bringing it all together with renewable co-location

13th May 2021

Co-locating generation technologies with storage will grow with the rise of renewables and the need for grid stabilisation. Hugo Remnant and Philippa Orr report.

Access to nature comes at a cost – so let’s calculate

30th April 2021

Natural capital affects not just our relationship with nature but also our economy – that brings risk and reward, says Eleanor Harris.

New Woodland Creation On a Smaller Scale

30th April 2021

With both the UK and Scottish Governments’ long term goals to increase woodland and forest cover to help reach climate change targets, it comes as no surprise there are strong financial incentives out there to get trees planted. However, new woodland creation is often seen as something that has to happen on a large scale to be viable, but this is not the case.

Closing the reality gap on zero emission housing

30th April 2021

A Lawmakers are at last addressing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings in the battle against climate change. But as Calum Innes reports, effective change presents challenges.

Navigating Natural Capital

22nd April 2021

Natural capital is simply planet Earth: its rocks, soil, water, atmosphere, plants and animals. But it is Earth viewed from a specific perspective: its ability to generate the ‘revenue’ —oxygen, water, food, building and clothing materials, disease control — which supports human life.

AECS: Funds are available to guardians of the landscape

15th April 2021

The right kinds of project could attract funding as a restricted round opens for applications. Rachel Russell reports.

Network scheme will benefit rural businesses and home workers

08th April 2021

Providers are dialling up better coverage in a £1bn 4G revolution. Callum Woods reports.

COP26: When the world beats a path to Glasgow

01st April 2021

Scotland and the UK will grab the limelight when the 26th UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Glasgow in November. Richard Higgins considers what comes next.

Broadened horizons

01st April 2021

Progress is being made in connecting rural areas to fast broadband, reports Nick Morgan, but some obstacles are difficult to remove.

On the road to a green recovery

26th March 2021

The Government’s plan to end net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is nothing if not ambitious. Mike Reid reports.

How to see the wood from the trees...And the sheep!

10th March 2021

Understanding the drawbacks of the Sheep and Trees Initiative.

Strong Demand but Limited Supply Characterises the Lettings Sector in Scotland

05th March 2021

Scottish landlords have faced increasing pressure in recent years, as legislative changes have reduced contract flexibility and increased the rights of tenants.

Scotland v England. The pricing puzzle...

26th February 2021

The discrepancy between property prices North and South of the border has always perplexed selling agents as to why, not only houses but land appears better value for money in Scotland. This is not a new phenomenon but why is this the case?

Excellent returns on region 1 BPS entitlements before 2 April deadline

25th February 2021

Farmers have received the long-awaited  Single Application Form (SAF) reduction and exclusion letters for their 2020 claims this week.