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The New Normal

27th March 2020

Sam Gibson from the Hexham office assesses the likely impact of mass home-working on our property preferences.

Top Tips On Getting Your Property Market Ready

24th March 2020

Were you thinking of selling or letting but have decided to postpone?  Here are some tips for preparing your house for marketing so you are ready to launch later in the year.

The Blades Keep Turning...

19th March 2020

Whilst many aspects of life have slowed in recent days, the income streams relating to renewables continue to provide return as the sun keeps shining, the wind keeps blowing and in Scotland – inevitably – the rain keeps falling. And so it’s business as usual here at Galbraith.  

A private water supply brought up to standard

04th December 2019

Rachel Russell reports on a recent improvement project.

Size matters when it comes to turbine blade transport

04th December 2019

Access constraints are reducing due to technological advances in the on-shore wind industry but, as Mike Reid finds, some problems remain.

Bringing faster broadband to rural areas

04th December 2019

Investment in broadband may eventually help the rural economy to connect. Gareth Taylor reports.

Surveying: Speed and accuracy on the move with live data

04th December 2019

New technologies come into their own when surveying open ground for cable routes or to assess land damage. Grace Campbell reports. 

Switching from pump to plug

04th December 2019

Electric vehicles are already here but the move away from traditional fuels will soon gain pace and, as Nick Morgan reports, preparations are well in hand.

Land use decisions and climate change

04th December 2019

Concerns over climate change are affecting land-use decisions and the trend looks set to accelerate. Gareth Taylor reports.

Substation Land Sale

04th December 2019

In late 2018, Galbraith was approached by east Lothian Council to provide it with initial specialist land valuation advice relating to its recent acquisition of the former Cockenzie power station and landholdings around the power station.   

How the wind power market is evolving

03rd December 2019

Post-subsidy, wind power is here to stay and, as Mike Reid reports, landowners and communities are embracing onshore development.

Battery charge: three companies leading the storage race

03rd December 2019

Car batteries can still hold up to 70% of their capacity when they’re no longer suitable for electric vehicles (eVs), making them perfect for storage.

Power grid gears up to fast pace of change

03rd December 2019

Storage innovators are developing new systems to address the risk of renewable energy downtimes in a decarbonised electricity grid. Calum Innes reports.

Smart Export Guarantee gets a luke-warm reception

03rd December 2019

The Feed-in Tariff subsidy kick-started renewable energy take-up but its replacement has yet to set eco-friendly hearts racing, says John Pullen.

Heating scheme leaves farmland in good heart

03rd December 2019

When considering energy infrastructure projects, such as a university biomass scheme, terms need to be agreed to mitigate any land damage. Mike Reid reports.

Turning CO2 into something useful... and turning a profit

02nd December 2019

Carbon dioxide emissions from industry, transport and modern living are blamed for climate change. Now businesses in Scotland and elsewhere are devising ways to capture and store the greenhouse gas. Richard Haggart reports.

Telecoms: Code chaos keeps development on hold

02nd December 2019

New sites and lease renewals have stalled since the introduction of new rules on phone masts. As Mike Reid reports, the solution lies in appropriate payment levels.

Wind and water could turn Western Isles ferries green

02nd December 2019

Experts are looking to sustainably produced hydrogen to power sea transport. Katherine Imlay reports.

Local Materials, Lovely Views And No Need For Central Heating

02nd December 2019

Architect Kirsty Maguire explains the thinking behind the Pullens’ house. 

This is the house that John and Karen built...and it keeps their family warm for next to nothing

02nd December 2019

When John Pullen and his wife Karen wanted a warm, eco-friendly family home, they consulted an active advocate of ‘passive’ technology. Why doesn’t everyone live like this?